Placement, Maintenance, Processing, Reporting and More

Commonwealth Consulting Group is a full service provider of ATM products and services. Our experienced team can help connect you with the right solution to best fit your location, situation and needs. Whether you are looking to purchase an ATM, or for us to provide a full turnkey ATM, you can count on Commonwealth Consulting Group. We take pride in providing our customers with hassle-free ATM services and solutions, which enable their customers to have cash-in-hand.

Our ATM Services:

Cirrus, NYCE, Pluis, Pulse, Star, Exchange, AFFN, CU24

When a cardholder requests cash from an ATM, the host processor (or ATM service provider, in this case, us) causes an electronic funds transfer to take place from the customer’s (the cardholder’s) bank account to the host processor’s account. The cardholder’s funds are then transferred back into the merchant’s bank account. We keep track of these fund transfers and ensure that all funds dispensed from our ATMs are accounted for, and that our customer (the merchant) is properly reimbursed for all funds dispensed.

We provide convenient access to all of the information about your ATM(s) including transaction volume, status of transactions, number of transactions, the current status of the ATM terminal(s), cash settlement and more.

Ensuring your business complies with strict federal regulations takes time, research, and expertise. Our professionals are always on the lookout, monitoring changes within regulatory policies and adjusting our ATMs accordingly to keep our customers compliant.

As a responsible ATM service provider, we’re vigilant in making sure our ATMs are functioning properly and correctly. Our ATM monitoring services ensure your ATM is functioning appropriately, and that any issues that arise are made known and resolved.

If issues have been detected by our ATM monitoring tools, we immediately send a technician to repair the machine, so your customers can withdraw cash with the least amount of interruption possible.