For too long, the payment processing industry has benefited from customer confusion. We believe in educating our clients.

Review your current statement. Do you see terms like qualified, mid-qualified, or non-qualified? Flat rate or surcharges? If you do, then you’re likely paying more than you should every month. Our statements are transparent and easy to understand—you’ll know what your costs are and why. And if you have questions, we offer world-class customer service with a qualified local representative.

Use the form below or call 800-866-3944 to request your complimentary audit to understand what you pay now and see your potential savings.

Our Free Audit Process

  • Commonwealth Consulting Group reviews your statement from your current processor.
  • We review your accounts receivable operation and identify your payment types.
    • Are credit cards being processed in the correct interchange rate category?
    • Is the correct merchant category code being used?
  • Receive a report back within 48 hours of your potential savings and efficiency improvements.

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