When we come into work every day, we strive to fulfill the promise we’ve made to all of our customers; the same promise which has guided us since our founding: we’ll provide cost-effective payment processing and efficient credit card processing solutions, vigilantly maintain and monitor equipment and provide technical support when needed, educate our clients and enable them to make the best choices for their companies, and do all we can in the payment processing space to help their businesses grow.

Sound like a promise you can strive to fulfill? If so, we’ve got opportunities for you! Look below to see the positions we are currently hiring for.

CCG is Currently Seeking

We’re seeking an Outside Sales Representative to sell our payment processing solutions throughout the country. The Outside Sales Representative’s primary focus is to establish relationships with small to mid-sized businesses, helping them save money on their current processing rates/fees and provide them with better support/services. The Outside Sales Representative’s main concentration: helping businesses save money on a service they already have.

Required Skills/Qualifications

  • Experience working in the Payment Processing industry is a plus, but not required
  • 3+ years of B2B sales experience
  • An entrepreneurial mindset


  • Payment for this position is commission based, allowing the Outside Sales Representative to take home up to 80% commissions
  • 1099 Contractor: As a contracted employee, the Outside Sales Representative will have total flexibility and freedom to work where they want, when they want, and with whom they want.
  • This remote position allows the candidate to work from home, wherever home might be.