Automated teller machines (ATMs) were introduced 50 years ago. Although some might argue that cash use is diminishing, ATMs seem to be evolving and trending. We believe they will continue to play an important role and fill a need into the foreseeable future.

Savvy business owners should always be looking for ways to increase their revenue. Some merchants look to ATMs to increase passive income.

Brick and mortar businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, hair and nail salons (and more) may benefit from having an ATM. It can attract more customers and improve profitability. If a customer needs cash to purchase a lottery ticket or wants to leave a cash tip, having an on site ATM is a way to guarantee that these opportunities are not lost.

ATMs have evolved to perform a variety of functions that will only continue to expand.The United States has the highest number of ATMs per capita in the world, and the demand for ATMs is not decreasing.

Do you have customers asking the location of the nearest ATM? Have you had to turn away a customer because they wanted access to cash, but you couldn’t provide it? Maybe you have an ATM in your location, but it is not properly maintained, and is often out of cash or out of service. We can help. If you’re still reading, then the odds are high that your business will benefit from having an on site ATM. It’s not complicated. ATMs exist because there is a demand for convenient access to a customer’s cash, and the technology to make that need a reality.

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