For the past dozen years or so, Commonwealth Consulting Group has been supporting businesses with the credit card processing equipment and services they need to be successful, so we know what every business owner knows: accepting credit cards leads to increased sales. But we also know that means our customers have to bear the cost of maintaining a merchant account and processing credit card transactions. That comes with hefty fees that eat into your profits.

What if we told you there is a way to satisfy your customers who enjoy the convenience of using their credit card and still pay less for processing credit card transactions so you can keep more of your profits

Welcome to cash discounting! A cash discount program offsets the cost of credit card processing fees by encouraging customers to pay in cash. When a customer chooses to pay in cash, your system applies a small discount of up to 4% to the product or service price. Customers love a good discount, and there is no easier way than this – they simply have to pay with cash.

If the customer opts to pay with a credit or debit card, our upgraded POS terminal calculates and includes the card processing fee for the transaction. The customer receipt clearly displays the adjustment for not opting to pay with cash and receive the discounts. This message is reinforced with a sign displayed at your register informing your customer that if they pay with cash, they are afforded a discount. If they choose to pay with a credit card, the discount will not be applied.

It’s important to understand that a cash discount is not the same as a credit card surcharge, where the cost of processing is added to the regular price at checkout if the customer uses a credit card. Cash discount programs are legal in all U.S. states and territories as long as all compliance requirements are met.

That’s where Commonwealth Consulting Group comes in. We can help you implement a fully compliant cash discount program. With our free POS terminals and upgraded software, credit card processing fees will be included in the transaction when your customers pay with a credit card. We can also provide you with the required signage to display at your register and inform your customers of their options.

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