Cash In by Letting Event Attendees Cash Out: Short-term ATM Solutions

What do food truck fairs, farmers’ markets, music festivals, and community events all have in common? Attendees at each event almost always have a need for cash. And nothing provides convenient access to cash during these events like an ATM.

Whether you’re managing a large multi-day music festival or a half-day community block celebration, it makes sense to keep your attendees and customers satisfied by providing them with easy access to cash. And Commonwealth Consulting Group makes it easy for you to meet this need. We break down the process of acquiring an ATM for your event into three simple steps:

1. Vault and Deploy the ATM

First, we determine the estimated amount of money necessary based on the scale of your event and vault the ATM(s) accordingly. Then we deploy and secure the vaulted ATM at your location for the duration of your event, free of charge, whether it’s for one day or over a week.

2. Monitor Cash Outflow and Refill

For the duration of your event, we monitor the outflow of the ATM to ensure that the machine is adequately stocked with cash. If the machine begins to get low, we send someone to the event to restock it, ensuring that the machines don’t run out.

3. ATM Retrieval

Following the conclusion of the event, we send someone to your location to retrieve the ATM. This process is handled entirely by us, making it hassle-free for vendors.


Making an ATM available at your event increases vendor opportunities and maximizes sales because the majority of withdrawals are recirculated at the event. Attendees also receive the added convivence of quick access to cash, increasing overall customer satisfaction. Our three-step model provides customers with the most effective and efficient access to ATM’s for any event, no matter the size. Interested in discussing the ATM needs for your next event? Contact us and we’ll design a solution that meets your needs.