At the end of each month, every business owner must come to grips with the reality of the costs of accepting payments from cardholders who are less loyal to cash, and more interested in earning reward points for their purchases.  A credit card processing company is responsible for defining what a business must pay each month based on many variables that include different card brands and how payments are made.

Commonwealth Consulting Group provides upfront, no-obligation assessments for businesses looking to accept electronic payments, and also for businesses looking to lower their monthly costs. We provide the hardware and software that businesses use to accept card payments.

It is crucial for business owners to understand that their credit card services provider is, in fact, a partner when it comes to the financial aspect of processing electronic payments. It’s important to have a relationship of trust with any business partner. We at CCG pride ourselves on industry expertise, and excellent customer support. We offer the latest in technology and solutions, ultimately helping business owners make the most of providing their customers with the option to make electronic payments.

At CCG we help business owners become familiar with an industry that has many moving parts. We want our merchants to understand the basics of what merchant services cost, what the mandated rates are for different card brands, and, at the end of the month, exactly what you are paying for.